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Over a cup of Coffee ☕

Hey Coffee,

It is so innate
That how bitter your taste
But the roasted beans, for sure 
Blend well with the sweetness of sugar

Frothed bubbles
Hot and chilled, brewed and cold
Aha! the aroma, nutty and chocolaty
Cappuccino, latte, mocha, espresso and many

It's lazy Sunday or Monday blues 
You are the reason to happily loose the snooze
You have been just an excuse
For the escape called "coffee-break"

A witness of musings, witty, 
Heart-to-heart coffee date chit-chats
Apparently to be kept with a lid on

Found in some pantries
Are accidentally spilled coffee stories
Unlike, others some Hello's end with
See you over a cup of coffee, again!

*** Composed by Vinit Desai ***


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