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Not paint everything with same brush!

One of my friends is shifting to a different city (which he and me had never imagined he would be shifting to) for his new job. So my obvious question to him was “Couldn’t you find a better location?” to which he replied “In fact, couldn’t find a better job opportunity anywhere else” as he was looking for a domain specific job role for last couple of months and the discussion about job opportunities, immigration and stuff continued…

Many educational institutions have been established in our country over a period of time but quantity of students pursuing degree outbalances the quality and skills. Reasons could be years old designed outdated syllabus, not suiting the current superfast changing market demands. In this mobile/internet revolutionized world its upto the pupil to be on the same page as the demands.
Anyways, jobs like glamour are overrated because if you are jobless with a fancy degree in your pocket frustration and shame follows parallely and uninvitedly. If you have a job, you are treated worthy of being self-dependent, in other words independent. Another big time illusion and fact in my opinion is that job description, JD as they call it, is not equal to the actual job execution. Sometimes, job opportunities are available but not worth the skills and other times its vice versa. The faces of jobs and their definition in most of the domain have been evolving in the recent past. Upgrade of skills and flexibility to accept the change to improvise the know-how is the need.

On an entrepreneurial front, however big or small the business is ‘more is less’ to give a fight to competitors to outreach the right investors, marketers and finally the consumers. To be in the race, they need to continuously learn and unlearn current demands to help in bringing up the revolution in terms of functioning of industries and innovation in products and services. No body ever wants to be in a loss. But the face is, it’s a gamble and sometimes unfair, as life is.

These are my personal opinions based on experiences. So, not paint everything with same brush!


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