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Web Accessibility

Ever wondered how a person with a impaired sight would be accessing the new era’s human peripherals. Hmmn…Human peripherals…?

Yeah! I am talking about the electronic gadgets most importantly our smartphones and apps on it. Do they have a difficulty in using technology? Does the web or gadget industry consider such special cases and provide features? Web is built and designed to work universally for everyone. Isn’t it? So is the web accessibility.

What is web accessibility?
In simple words, web accessibility is a way to ensure that technology which is available in various forms of tools, websites, apps etc can be accessed universally even by people with disabilities.

Is the world web concerned about this?

Definitely,  yes! To address this, W3C – World Wide Web Consortium considering different technologies and tools involved in building an application has come up with WAI – Web Accessibility Initiative.

WAI develops specifications, guidelines and supporting resources that describe accessibility solutions. These are considered international standards for web accessibility. WAI is an initiative to help people with disabilities that affect access to the Web, including:

  • auditory
  • cognitive
  • neurological
  • physical
  • speech
  • visual

In some nations, web accessibility is compulsory by law. Though this initiative of web accessibility was begun years back and websites/apps are built at a faster rate but somewhere only a minor percentage of the websites and apps have the full web accessibility features. Hopefully, future has more for inclusion!

Because, everybody is good at something. 🙂


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