Oh… Me ?

Dear Readers,

VINIT DESAI here. Ummnn, well…for those who don’t know me personally, my name by now must have been pictured as a male in your mind. I got you, right? But I am a female, who holds this unisex name. And its a mundane thing for me to see a question mark, surprise, sometimes annoyance and laughter too on the other person’s face when I am introduced. Then follows the usual question VINIT or VINITA ? Then they modify it to different written versions Vineet; Vinith; Veeneet; Veenit etc.

The proverb goes, what’s in the name? I would say, it holds one’s identity like X-rays hold 😀

Feeling great to see you here. You might or might not feel the same. Feelings are random. Whatever I am amazed about, I post it in my blog. If you like my posts feel free to follow, like, share, comment.

Thank you for visiting by. Keep visiting and happy reading 🙂

Cheers! ♥


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