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मन मंदिरा… तेजाने Oh the temple of mind… enlight

मन मंदिरा… तेजाने उजळून घेई साधका

Oh the temple of mind… enlight the seeker with the divinity of radiance

संवेदना… संवादे सहवेदना… जपताना

Being empathetic and compassionate in this discourse

तळहाताच्या रेषांनी सहज सुखा का भोगी कुणी?

Does anyone procure spontaneous happiness according to lines of one’s palms?

स्वयंप्रकाशी तू तारा… चैतन्याचा गाभारा

A self-illuminating star, you are… resembling exuberance filled in the inner temple

भर पंखातून स्वप्न उद्याचे झेप घे रे पाखरा

Oh little bird, fill the wings with the dreams of tomorrow and take a high flight


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