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You knew, the Emperor of India, Shah-Jahan
That life, youth, wealth, renown
All float away down the stream of time
Your only dream
Was to preserve forever your heart’s pain
The harsh thunder of imperial power
Would fade into sleep
Like a sunset’s crimson splendour
But it was your hope
That atleast a single, eternally-heaved sigh would stay
To grieve the sky
Though emeralds, rubies, pearls are all
But as the glitter of a rainbow tricking out empty air
And must pass away
Yet still one solitary tear
Would hang on the cheek of time
In the form
Of this white and gleaming Taj Mahal
O human heart,
You have no time
To look back at anyone again 
No time
You are driven by life’s quick spate
On and on from landing to landing,
Loading cargo here,
Unloading there
In your garden the south wind’s murmurs
May enchant spring ‘madhabi’ creepers
Into suddenly filling your quivering lap with flowers
Their petals are scattered in the dust come twilight
You have no time
You raise from the dew of another night
New blossom in your groves, in jasmine
To dress with tearful gladness the votive tray
Of a later season
O human heart
All that you gather is thrown 
To the edge of the path by the end of each night and day
You have no time to look back again
No time, no time
Thus, Emperor, you wished,
Fearing your own heart’s forgetfulness
To conquer time’s heart
Through beauty
How wonderful the deathless clothing
With which you invested
Formless death – how it was garlanded!
You could not maintain
Your grief forever, and so you enmeshed
Your restless weeping
In bonds of silent perpetuity
The names you softly
Whispered to your love
On moonlit nights in secret chambers live on
As whispers in the ear of eternity
The poignant gentleness of love
Flowered into the beauty of serene stone
Poet – Emperor
This is your heart’s picture
Your new ‘Meghaduta’ 
Soaring with marvellous, unprecedented melody and line
Towards the unseen plane
On which your loverless beloved
And the first glow of sunrise
And the last sigh of sunset
And the disembodied beauty of moonlit ‘cameli’ flower
And the gateway on the edge of language
That turns away man’s wistful gaze again and again
Are all blended
This beauty is your messenger,
Skirting time’s sentries
To carry the wordless message
“I have not forgotten you, my love, I have not forgotten you”
You are gone, now, Emperor
Your empire has dissolved like a dream
Your throne is shattered
Your armies whose marching
Shook the earth
Today have no more weight than the windblown dust on the Delhi road
Your singers no longer sing for you
Your musicians no longer mingle their tunes
With the lapping Jumna
The jingle of the anklets of your women
Has died from your palaces
The night sky moans
With the throb
Of crickets in their crumbling corners
But your tireless, incorruptible, messenger
Speaks to us with sombre melody
“Stare no matter how distantly
That traveller is no longer here, no longer here
His beloved kept him not
His realms released him
Neither sea nor mountain could bar him
Today his chariot
Travels at the beck of the night
To the song of the stars
Towards the gate of dawn
I remain here weighted with memory
He is free of burdens; he is no longer here
-Rabindranath Tagore
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They are millennial

All in one phone is their breath

Undisruptive presence on social media platforms

Gives a dignity to their identity

The technology rebels, as they are

Their day begins posting, reading status than TV News

They show their care with a What’s up? on whatsapp

Post instant photos on instagram

Dopamine and oxytocine released with likes, follows and posts

Prefer talking over messages

rather than a telephonic conversation

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The Nandanvan Park

There’s a park opposite my window
“Nandanvan” is its name

Standing still, changing its shades with seasons
From vivid green to dry yellow tan
Through the clouds and cool shower of rain
Scorching sunny summer
And windy winter
Bushes of short shrubs, tall thick trees
Chirping birds calling each other, racing squirrels
Witnessing diversity all around

From lively kids to limping patients,
From gossiping women to debating men,
From a headphone stucked lonely stranger to couples in romance,
From casual strollers to disciplined joggers/runners

Selflessly, with no prejudice
Embraces warmly, one and all
Part of this park solaces them all

Haply, “Nandanvan” seems to be an apt name
After all

*** Composed by Vinit Desai ***

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Invictus means undefeated. A poem written by British poet, William Ernest Henley about how a human spirit overcomes challenges in the face of adversity. There is a movie titled Invictus(wherein, this poem is recited masterfully) that narrates the true story of how a great leader like Nelson Mandela joined forces with the captain of South Africa’s rugby team, to help unite their country and won the world cup.

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul.

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No Indispensable Man

Today is 1st May, Labour’s Day – an annual holiday all over India that celebrates the achievements of workers. But with AI(Artificial Intelligence), robots and machines trending in I fear Labour is put back by machines, not completely, though.

Yes! but future talks about taking it over completely. Some thoughts on the same and also when you are in need of introspection, this is the poem by Saxon White Kessinger

Sometime when you’re feeling important
Sometime when your ego’s in bloom
Sometime when you take it for granted,
You’re the best qualified in the room
Sometime when you feel that your going,
Would leave an unfillable hole,
Just follow these simple instructions
And see how they humble your soul.  

Take a bucket and fill it with water,
Put your hand in it up to the wrist
Pull it out and the hole that’s remaining,
Is a measure of how much you’ll be missed.
You can splash all you wish when you enter,
You may stir up the water galore,
But stop, and you’ll find that in no time,
It looks quite the same as before.  

The moral of this quaint example,
Is to do just the best that you can,
Be proud of yourself but remember,
There’s no indispensable man.

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The air is still free

“Out of the city and over the hill,
Into the spaces where Time stands still,
Under the tall trees, touching old wood,
Taking the way where warriors once stood;
Crossing the little bridge, losing my way,
But finding a friendly place where I can stay.
Those were the days, friend, when we were strong
And strode down the road to an old marching song
When the dew on the grass was fresh every morn,
And we woke to the call of the ring-dove at dawn.
The years have gone by, and sometimes I falter,
But still I set out for a stroll or a saunter,
For the wind is as fresh as it was in my youth,
And the peach and the pear, still the sweetest of fruit,
So cast away care and come roaming with me,
Where the grass is still green and the air is still free.”

By Ruskin Bond

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Anyways, we swing

We swing our own swings
To and fro
Does it matter?
Less or more
and roar or adore
Anyways, we swing

Molded by experiences
Dejected by rejections
Healed by times 
Anyways, we swing

Out of habit
Off bit 
Uncertain of how long
But certain enough
As long as our hearts beat

Composed by Vinit Desai

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The wind of my soul

This is a lovely song by Cat Stevens, a British singer-songwriter. Enjoy the read

  I listen to the wind, to the wind of my soul
Where I’ll end up well I think only God really knows
I’ve sat upon the setting sun
But never never never never
I never wanted water once
No never never, never

I listen to my words but they fall far below
I let my music take me where my heart wants to go
I swam upon the devil’s lake
But never never never never
I’ll never make the same mistake
No never never never…

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Gloomy Grey

When the sky is grey
And you have that feeling, that gloominess gonna stay
To your dismay…

Remember that, somewhere there
The Sun is still shining on the other side
All Alone…

Making its way through gloomy grey
The healing rainbow rays…

Composed by Vinit Desai


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Lead and Succeed

Not everyone gets it right the first time
Success is unfortunately a wicked difficult climb

For those who just don’t loose hope
Success will throw down a lifesaving rope

Struggles are part of life
Because in order to stand up, you got to know
What falling down is like

And if you take the lead,
My dear friend, you will succeed