SEO- Does it matter so much?

Every second, there are individuals out there, who hunt for items, products and services on the web. You simply go to your web search tool like Google, Bing or Yahoo and sort what you are searching for and it is probably that you click on top three results. Statistics have shown that if your website is not on the top results or say first page, 99% of the individuals will never discover you on the web. The tricky part is getting to the top, that is the place SEO comes into action. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a procedure of enhancing your sites page ranking. Inevitably, you get

  • Frequent and targeted visitors to your site,
  • Increased business deals and sales,
  • Improved visibility online

For eg. if you type in search ‘taxi service in Bangalore’, a list of results will be displayed. It is likely that you will click on the first result.  The essential objective of SEO should be connecting your site to the search engine.

So how to get a website to the top result?

  1. Keywords: Keywords are important in the light of the fact that they make your site specific in the search engine. Good keywords works both ways, they make your site specific to the search engines and they make it easier for you to identify your target market.
  2. Content: This is the bread and butter part of SEO. It determines your user’s readership therefore determining your site’s traffic.Your content has to be consistent with your site’s keywords. They have to be at par with each other, otherwise both of them will be useless. Your content must also be at par with your meta data.
  3. Meta data: These are the tags or words in the header of website. Meta data is important even if it’s not used by Google for ranking because it increases the weight of your keywords and it also determines what your site is about.
  4. Images: Don’t underestimate the power of images. The alt text that comes with your images are vital when people look for images about your niche. It also boosts your site’s readership increasing traffic.
  5. URLs: It is always better to have a domain name that’s in relation to your keywords, content and meta tags.

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