Understanding some techy terms/concepts

  • Memoization – I give you 2 candies for breakfast, you have 2 candies. 3 candies after lunch, now you have (3+2=5) 5 candies. After dinner I give you 1 candy, Ho w many candies do you have at the end of the day?(assuming you haven’t eaten any :-P) You have (5+1=6) 6 candies at the end of the day. In short, what are you doing here? You are using the count of previous candies and adding the current count to it. Rather than, counting all over from the beginning. This concept is used in Dynamic Programming, remember things to save time later.
  • Deadlock – For getting a job I need experience, For becoming experienced I need a job. (especially for freshman)
  • Bootstrapping/Booting – Sequence of operations that starts the operating system, i.e. OS of a computer when it is turned on. Loading of an OS into the memory for running application, one loaded.
  • Protocol – Person A speaks French to Person B. But, Person B can only speak English. So, what they need to do in order to communicate?  Come up with a standard language understood by both of them or get a translator. Same thing happens when two devices are communicating, therefore a protocol i.e. a set of rules or standards is needed to govern the correct interpretation of communication.
  • Mount – This term is used for Unix based operating systems. Mounting means giving a location in a directory tree to a new storage device. Unmount means undoing the mount.


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