Framework and its potentialities

What is so special about frameworks? We hear about these web frameworks frequently like Django, Cake PHP, Rails etc.  Let’s dive into frameworks.

Framework gives you a ready-made code base which has been tested and designed by many developers and is ready to use solution for common generic problems. That is, it provides with a generic functionality which has flexibility to be changed, which helps you take advantage of this generality. It provides powerful template where the logic can be injected, helps in simplifying complex things.


  • Saves lot of time, DRY(Don’t Repeat Yourself) means fewer lines of code
  • Provides a standard through which the user can develop the module or a complete application instead of starting from lower level details.
  • More time can be devoted in developing the software and not in preparing the environment and tools of development.
  • Code is extensible for future use with clean code

Heads Up! Framework doesn’t work everywhere, for instance smaller projects which require simple coding seems to work faster than setting up a framework.


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