UNIX and Linux : Are they same ?

Back in times, when I was very naive to FOSS, I used to think Linux is a version of UNIX, like most of you guys must be of the same thought. But that’s not the case.Puzzled? Let me clarify it in today’s post.

UNIX is an operating system that is commercially supported by big enterprises universities, companies for their internet servers and workstations. Whereas, Linux is a UNIX-like operating system developed for free and open source use by Linus Torvalds. Linux is more often used by small firms and private individuals with freeware Linux servers. It’s biggest advantage is the ability to pick and choose applications and functions. Most important feature of Linux is the linux kernel. Linux doesn’t have a standard set of tools, file systems or patches. There is even significant variation between different supported strands of Linux. Whereas in UNIX the commands, tools and major elements are the same.

UNIX came first and is widely used UNIX runs on just a few standard types of machines like Microsoft. Three biggest distributions are Solaris of Oracle, AIX of IBM & HP-UX Hewlett Packard. And Apple Makes OSX, an unix based OS.
Linux is growing in popularity because it is a free alternative to UNIX in most instances and also you can tailor Linux to run anything from apps to OS to enterprise wide servers. Some of the Linux distributions are Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, RedHat, Fedora etc.

Common Things that Linux & UNIX have :
Both share many common applications such as : GUI, file, and windows managers (KDE, Gnome)
Shells (ksh, csh, bash)
Various office applications such as OpenOffice.org
Development tools (perl, php, python, GNU c/c++ compilers)
Posix interface


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